New Works Submissions

Thanks to the generous support of the Next Generation Capital Campaign, Pittsburgh CLO has renewed its commitment to the development of new work. Through a commissioning program, the SPARK festival, New Musicals Weekend, and world-premiere productions, we aim to be both an incubator and a launching pad for new musicals.

Pittsburgh CLO accepts script submissions both from literary agents and from unrepresented writers. All submissions should be EMAILED to

Interested in submitting your new musical for a reading, workshop, or residency?

Submit for New Musicals Weekend and/or the SPARK festival.

  • While we are open to reading work of every style, size and genre, we are most actively looking to develop musicals that may someday be a fit for the 250-seat CLO Cabaret.
  • Most of the musicals we develop have casts of FIVE actors or fewer.
  • We consider new musicals at all stages of development, from outline and demos to polished draft. We find that the most successful submissions are of shows that are actively “in process,” with clearly defined goals for revision.
  • All submissions should be EMAILED to The subject line of your email should read: SPARK SUBMISSION: Title.

Interested in submitting your work for production?

Submit to the CLO Cabaret.

  • We consider new and previously produced work for production in the CLO Cabaret.
  • Most of the musicals produced in the CLO Cabaret have casts of FIVE actors or fewer.
  • Seating at the CLO Cabaret consists of table and bar seating with food service. Click HERE for a look inside the Greer Cabaret Theater and the adjoining Backstage Bar.
  • All submissions should be EMAILED to The subject line of your email should read: CABARET SUBMISSION: Title.


Please adhere to the following guidelines for submission:

  • All scripts should be formatted as PDFs, labeled with the show’s full title.
  • All scripts should include a cast breakdown and notation of any doubling.
  • All music should be submitted via a Dropbox link.
    • For ease of sharing, please shorten the Dropbox link using
    • Prior to submitting, please confirm that the Dropbox folder is accessible to anyone with the link, and please confirm that all files are playable and uncorrupted.

Submissions sent by mail will NOT be acknowledged or returned.


It may take us several months to respond to your submission. ALL submissions will receive a response, whether or not we are interested in pursuing the piece for development or production. Please DO NOT CALL regarding the status of your script.