Rental Policies

  1. A signed rental agreement and a down payment of ½ of the total rental fee are required and serve as a deposit to reserve the set for your production dates.
  2. Sets are rented in “as is” condition. Any refurbishments are made at the expense of the Using Company. Any changes or modifications require approval from Pittsburgh CLO.
  3. All rental fees, expenses and insurance must be received in Pittsburgh prior to set loading out of our warehouse.
  4. A refundable security deposit is required for all rentals. This check is cashed and deposited into a holding account. Upon return of the set without damage, the security deposit will be returned. Any unpaid fees or additional expenses will be deducted from the security deposit.
  5. You are not required to rent an entire set; we do rent props packages, set pieces or drops separately.
  6. A Technical Director (TD) from the Pittsburgh CLO is required to be on site to set up the show at your load-in and to strike the show at your load-out. Using Company is responsible for compensation to the TD for work days, travel days and per diem. Using Company is also responsible for making both hotel and travel reservations for the TD.
  7. Using Company is responsible for all shipping and handling expenses and arrangements. Sets normally require from one to four 53´ trailers. All trailers must be air-ride. No shipping by rail is permitted.
  8. Using Company is responsible for load-out and load-in expenses in Pittsburgh. Using Company is also responsible for any extra loading costs due to trucks/trailers not arriving at our warehouse at a pre-scheduled time and date.
  9. Using Company is required to insure all elements of sets/scenery during term of use. A certificate of insurance must be received in Pittsburgh prior to set loading out of warehouse.
  10. The initial down payment sent with the signed agreement is non-refundable in the event the Using Company does not ultimately use the set.

All additional terms and conditions may be found in the Rental Agreement. You can find information specific to each show (such as amount of insurance coverage, number of trailers needed, etc.) under Set Rentals and Inventory.