Gallery of Heroes

Bringing History to Life Through Educational Musicals Presented at Your School

Through dramatic sketches and musical vignettes, Pittsburgh CLO’s Gallery of Heroes program takes its 50-minute mini-musicals to area schools to educate and enlighten students about great historical figures such as Galileo Galilei, George Washington, Roberto Clemente, the Wright Brothers and Harriet Tubman. Highlighting the lives and accomplishments of significant historical figures, Gallery of Heroes offers an entertaining alternative to traditional lectures and books.

Major funding for Gallery of Heroes is provided by the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation and Massey Charitable Trust.  Additional Support provided by The Pittsburgh Foundation, Laurel Foundation and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Beyond The MoonBeyond the Moon

Book, Music, and Lyrics: Joseph Domencic & Christina McCann
Touring January - May 2019

15-year-old Maya has big dreams of being the first person to set foot on Mars, but believes she is simply too ordinary to become an astronaut.  Her view of what is possible transforms when actual NASA astronauts past and present, including Neil Armstrong, Mae Jemison, and José Hernandez, take her on an amazing journey to discover that extraordinary feats are accomplished by regular people one step at a time.  Through their simulated mission to Mars, our heroine gains confidence in herself and her dreams to bravely take the next generation beyond the moon.

This inspiring story, planned for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk, is an empowering and educational 50-minute musical that compliments schools’ STEM teaching goals.  While learning about NASA, our female heroine and a multiracial cast work together to show students that if they study, persevere, pick themselves up after failure and work as a team, anything is possible.

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Performance Requirements

A Gallery of Heroes full musical production can be performed in a school cafeteria or auditorium!

  • 50-Minute Musical
  • Fully Staged and Choreographed
  • Professional Actors
  • Full Costume and Scenery
  • Teacher and Student Guides

Space requirement for the production is 25’ by 25’. Cost is $600.00 (additional fuel charge outside Allegheny County).

Call 412-325-6459 to reserve your date today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Our school does not have a stage — can we still book the Gallery of Heroes musical production?

A: Absolutely — the set design allows for the actors to perform in almost any space, whether it is a cafeteria, a stage or a gymnasium. Please call the CLO Academy office at 412-325-6459 and they will discuss the space requirements.

Q: How long is the show?

A: Last year’s musical presentation, The Incredibly Innovative Innovators of Pittsburgh, was about 50 minutes long. If time permits, the actors will participate in a 5-10 minute question and answer session with the students.

Q: How do I book a Gallery of Heroes presentation at my school?

A: Simply call Patty Maloney at 412-325-6459.

Q: Is there anywhere I can learn more about this performance before booking?

A: Teacher and Student Guides will be available online for your reference before the run of the tour. Production photos and video can be viewed on the CLO Academy's Facebook page, Instagram, and website.

Past Productions

Past Production Topic


The Homestead strike and the story of Pittsburgh's industrial rise to fame.

The Incredibly Innovative Innovators of Pittsburgh

Over 250 years of Pittsburgh's Innovation

The Next Galileo

Gabriella goes back in time to help Galileo discover the telescope.

Young George Washington

George Washington and his rise to the Presidency.

Pioneers of Flight

Innovators of flying

The Incredibly Innovative Innovators of Pittsburgh

250 Years of Pittsburgh's innovation


The Homestead strike and the story of Pittsburgh's industrial rise to fame.

¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!

The Roberto Clemente story

Footprints on the Moon

Neil Armstrong and the USA space program

Freedom Train

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

Play to Win

Jackie Robinson

Class Clown

A student's battle with illiteracy

The Play's the Thing

William Shakespeare