Ways to Give

There are Many Ways to Make a Contribution to Pittsburgh CLO

Along with much appreciated Individual Donations and Corporate Sponsorships, CLO advocates have a variety of giving methods to choose from to support Pittsburgh CLO. Below are a few of the popular charitable giving options, including gifts of stock, bequests, charitable trusts, IRA's, memorial contributions and the United Way Donor Option program.

To make a gift or for more information on any of these giving methods, please contact Wynne Fedele, Director of Development, 412-281-3973 ext. 232, or wfedele@pittsburghCLO.org.

Gifts of Cash

Outright gifts of cash are the simplest and most popular form of charitable giving. Gifts can be made by check or credit card (please include card number, expiration date and 3-digit security code) via US mail to:

Development Office
Pittsburgh CLO
719 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Or give via credit card Online or call 412-281-3973 ext. 215

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Appreciated securities make excellent charitable gifts and many donors find this method of giving both simple and beneficial. If your stock is held in a brokerage account, your broker can transfer the stock directly to the CLO’s account. Please have your broker call Wynne Fedele at 412-281-3973 ext. 232 or wfedele@pittsburghclo.org for account information.

If you have possession of the physical stock certificate you wish to donate, please contact Wynne Fedele at 412-281-3973 ext. 232 or wfedele@pittsburghclo.org for specific instructions.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a method of including charitable giving in your long-term financial plan. As a friend of the Pittsburgh CLO, your generosity can benefit your personal goals by enhancing your future financial security. Planned giving includes bequests from estates and life income plans, such as charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities. Many planned gifts can provide significant income and/or estate tax benefits.

As with all financial decisions, a planned gift should be designed with care. Pittsburgh CLO staff will work closely and confidentially with you and your financial and legal advisors to help plan for your specific needs and the needs of your family.  

Please contact Wynne Fedele at 412-281-3973 ext. 232 or wfedele@pittsburghclo.org for more information.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

With charitable remainder trusts, donors can continue to receive income from assets during their lifetime and create a lasting legacy. Charitable remainder trusts work well for donors who want or need income from their assets during their lifetime but do not want or need to pass these assets to heirs. Many donors find the trusts appealing during retirement planning. Charitable remainder trusts can be created to benefit one or several charitable organizations.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Charitable lead trusts are most appealing to donors who wish to pass appreciated assets to their heirs but may not need the income from those assets for a period of time. This is accomplished by allowing the Pittsburgh CLO to receive income from the donor’s assets for a specified time, after which the asset is transferred back to the donor or to the donor’s heirs.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A gift annuity is a contract between a donor and a charitable institution. The donor makes a gift to Pittsburgh CLO, and in return he or she receives annual payments for life, the size of which depends on the donor’s age.

Gifts through your IRA

Did you know that you can make a gift to the Pittsburgh CLO through your Individual Retirement Account (IRA)?

Giving IRA assets to Pittsburgh CLO is a relatively simple process and can provide you with some tax benefits. If you are the owner of an IRA, you can decide to give part of your assets to Pittsburgh CLO through a direct rollover. Many people choose this option because they can take advantage of a very convenient process of transferring the funds.

As with all gift planning opportunities, it is important to consult your personal financial advisor to be sure that making a charitable contribution from your IRA is appropriate in your specific situation. 

Life Insurance Gifts

A gift of whole life insurance can be made to the Pittsburgh CLO by naming the CLO as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary of the policy. Gifts of life insurance policies require charitable contributions from the donor to Pittsburgh CLO in the amount of any premiums, including unscheduled premiums, which may become due.

For more information on making the Pittsburgh CLO a beneficiary of your estate plans, please contact Wynne Fedele, Director of Development at 412-281-3973 ext. 232 or wfedele@pittsburghCLO.org.

Memorial and Honorary Contributions

Memorial and honorary gifts are wonderful ways to pay tribute to a loved one or friend or celebrate a special occasion. Any gift can be designated as a memorial or honorary gift. When making your gift, please include the name of the person you are remembering or honoring, and the family contact name and address (for memorials) or the individual’s name and address (for honorary gifts). We will acknowledge your thoughtful gesture to the family or individual you have honored. For more information, please contact Melissa Goodfriend at 412-281-3973 ext. 215 or mgoodfriend@pittsburghclo.org.

United Way Donor Choice

Designating United Way contributions through the Donor Option program remains a popular way to support charitable organizations. You can give to the Pittsburgh CLO’s Creative Vision program through the United Way Donor Choice program by selecting designation code 926737.

Julia Deberson Award

Pittsburgh CLO proudly presented the 15th-annual Julia Deberson Award to CLO Ensemble member Lucas Fedele on Tuesday, July 29, at the cast party for Pittsburgh CLO’s production of Monty Python's Spamalot.

The Julia Deberson Award was established to commemorate the memory of Julia Deberson, who served as Executive Assistant to CLO Executive Directors William Thurnhurst and Charles Gray from 1975 to 1994. Every season, the directors and production staff meet to choose one outstanding Ensemble member who best exemplifies Ms. Deberson’s ideals: professional skill, high work ethic, an optimistic attitude, the ability to work well with others and, above all, a passion for one’s work.

Mr. Fedele joins the impressive list of past Julia Deberson Award winners, including Max Clayton (2013), Kara Mikula (2012), Joe Jackson (2011), Ahmad Simmons (2010), Kathryn Lin Terza (2009), Ward Billeisen (2008), Jake Pfarr (2007), Alison Levenberg (2006), Lauren Yen Solito (2005), Eric Daniel Santagata (2004), Mark Sanders (2003), Jessica Perrizo (2002), Tory Ross (2001) and Justin Brill (2000). This prestigious award is funded by contributions from the CLO Board and Guild members, as well as staff members and friends. These funds are invested as a part of the CLO Legacy Fund endowment. Anyone who knew Julia or respects the ideals for which she stood may also contribute to the fund. For more information, contact Wynne Fedele at 412-281-3973 ext. 232 or wfedele@pittsburghclo.org.