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What: Auditions for the musical comedy, MURDER FOR TWO, book & music by Joe Kinosian; book & lyrics by Kellen Blair. Directed by Scott Schwartz. Principals must be available beginning October 13, 2014 and continuing through January 18, 2015.

Where: CLO Academy of Musical Theater, 130 CLO Academy Way, 8th Floor.

When: Sunday, July 20, 2014; 11:00 am – 7:00 pm.
Callbacks Monday, July 21, 2014. Time TBD


MURDER FOR TWO is a madcap mystery mixing classic musical comedy with a dash of Agatha Christie—one actor investigates the crime, the other plays all of the suspects, and they both play the piano.

NOTE: Specific requirements for both actors: must play piano extremely well. The ability to read music and memorize a must (accompaniment versus soloing). Speaking, singing and demonstrating top drawer physical comedy skills while playing is essential. Seeking nimble, daring, and very funny musical comedy performers.

MARCUS: (Lead) Males Ages 25 – 39. A young, eager police officer determined to make his mark on the crime-solving world, charming, earnest, sympathetic, happy and hopeful, straight-laced and totally by-the-book, nevertheless he greets most challenges with a warm smile, chipper (not grizzled), his good-natured demeanor prevails despite this very challenging case.

THE SUSPECTS: (Lead) Males, ages 25– 39. A sharp and versatile performer able to transform from role to role on a dime, a vivid, believable and extraordinarily chameleon-like actor-musician; full list of characters listed below.
Arthur Whitney: celebrated author, the murder victim; Mrs. Dahlia Whitney: the victim's wife, zaniest of all the suspects, a 58-year-old southern woman whose dreams of a life in showbiz took a back seat as she fell into the shadows of her husband's career, but still harbors a deep and burning desire to perform, her logic borders on the ridiculous and cartoon; Barrette Lewis: a glamorous and sinister and highly aging ballerina, a femme fatale; Dr. Griff: a friendly old psychiatrist, the oldest of all the suspects, on a one-track mission to find a best friend and completely delusional about his relationship with Officer Marcus, desperate for affection and companionship; Steph Whitney: the inquisitive niece of Arthur and Dahlia Whitney, the most grounded of all the suspects, grad student studying criminology, eager and naive, the mousy girl next door who has not had many boyfriends; Murray Flandon: drill sergeant of a neighbor to the Whitneys, feisty, old, ever-bickering, but madly in love with his wife, together they trade insults as foreplay; Barb Flandon: feisty, from Brooklyn, one to gossip with the girls, ever-bickering but madly in love with her husband; The Anachronistic Boy's Choir: from Badoinkaville, a tough-talking place, "anachronistic yet droll," consists of Timmy, the wise cracking leader, Yonkers, rough and tumble, and Skid, the slower member of the choir, held back a couple of years; and Henry Vivaldi: a proud local firefighter, the happiest firefighter in the world, like a Gilbert and Sullivan character.


  • Head shot and resume stapled together.
  • Auditioners should be prepared to play a memorized piece of music on the piano while singing a short comedic song simultaneously.

Audition Process:

All the information you need is available right here on our website. Just follow these simple instructions.

  • Set up a time for your appointment using the audition request email. We will email your confirmation time back.
  • (If this link does not automatically generate an email in your browser, please click here for detailed instructions on submitting an audition request.)

Download and complete the Audition Application. You will need to bring this to your audition appointment.

*If you are having trouble downloading the application, please call us at 412-281-3973 ext 223 to have one mailed to you.


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