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Creative Vision

Creative Vision Student in MaskBringing Arts to the Classroom

For more than a decade, the Pittsburgh CLO has enjoyed a partnership with local Allegheny County Schools through its Creative Vision Program, which aims to build self-confidence, empower self-expression and model positive behavior for elementary and middle school students.

The Creative Vision team is comprised of education and theater professionals who use their training in the performing arts as well as their classroom experience to coach students to express themselves well through writing and public speaking. Staff mermbers also partner with classroom teachers to provide performance techniques and exercises that will help those teachers meet standards in their own classrooms.

Under the direction of a seasoned educational professional, the program relies upon an inter-disciplinary arts curriculum. Students put on musicals, write original plays and poetry, record CDs, create music videos and begin each day in an African Drum circle. This effective partnership of the Pittsburgh CLO Academy, Allegheny County Schools and various funders provides students with unique opportunities to attend local performances and to give voice to their own creative spirit.

For more information on the Creative Vision program, call Susan Pettigrew at 412-281-2234 ext. 184.

Click here for a list of FAQs about Creative Vision.