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Evan Ruggiero in Pittsburgh CLO’s THE TOXIC AVENGER | Photos: Archie Carpenter

                 ABOUT THE TOXIC AVENGER is a rock musical based on the 1980s cult-film classic of the same name. Joe DiPietro and David
                                                          Bryan’s “monstrously” fun show premiered Off-Broadway at New World Stages on April 6, 2009 and ran for more
                                                          than 300 performances.

CHARACTERS  MELVIN FERD THE THIRD/THE TOXIC AVENGER – An earth scientist who loves Sarah, though she fails to find him
            attractive until he’s turned into a hideous, but still morally sound, monster.
            SARAH, THE BLIND LIBRARIAN – Blind, sexy and sensual, Sarah is not afraid to speak exactly what’s on her mind.
            She doesn’t see Melvin as anything more than a friend until he’s mutated into Toxie.
            MAYOR BABS BELGOODY – The conniving mayor who will stop at nothing to secure her place as governor of New
            SLUGGO AND BOZO – The goons who do Mayor Belgoody’s bidding.
            MA FERD – Melvin’s wise and sharp mother.

            PROFESSOR KEN – The intelligent and helpful evil scientist.

CONTENT Adult language and some sexually suggestive content. Recommended for ages 13 years and over.
SYNOPSIS Melvin Ferd the Third, an ambitious earth scientist, is determined to solve all of toxic waste problems in his town of

                               Tromville, New Jersey. He consults his blind librarian friend, Sarah, who is enamored by Melvin’s dedication to the
                               environment, but is simply not attracted to him.
                               Meanwhile at city hall, Mayor Babs Belgoody gloats about her determination to become New Jersey’s next Governor.
                               When Melvin discovers that the Mayor is the one responsible for all of the toxic goo in the city, he confronts her.
                               Knowing Melvin could ruin her chances at becoming Governor, she sends her goons, Sluggo and Bozo, to attack
                               Melvin and toss him in a vat of toxic waste.
                               After they successfully complete their mission, the goons encounter Sarah on her walk home and harass her until she
                               faints. Before their taunting can go any further, Melvin – now a hideous, green mutant – arises from the sludge and
                               enacts a brutal revenge on the henchmen. Afterwards, this new hero – The Toxic Avenger – takes Sarah home. She
                               nicknames him Toxie and wants to touch his face, but he refuses. She assumes he must be French and immediately
                               calls up her girlfriends to brag about her new French boyfriend.
                               Back at home, Toxie’s mother, Ma Ferd, expresses how disappointed she’s been in him for his entire life and
                               immediately sends him to Professor Ken to be examined. Professor Ken concludes that the only thing that can kill
                               Melvin in his new form is bleach. Toxie thus decides to continue on with his mission to save Tromaville. He visits
                               Sarah who tries to seduce him, but the shy and nervous Toxie stops all of her advances. His reservations turn Sarah
                               on even more as the two share a duet about the passionate love they feel between them.
                               The Toxic Avenger soon becomes a hero of the city, leading Mayor Babs Belgoody to seek out ways to terminate
                               him. She consults Professor Ken and seductively gets him to reveal to her Toxie’s only weakness. Toxie discloses his
                               true identity to Sarah. She is embarrassed for how she’s been behaving and tells him that they should start seeing
                               other people. Enraged and humiliated, Toxie takes to the streets with his temper and goes on a rampage. Meanwhile,
                               Sarah laments her heartache to Ma Ferd who lovingly informs her that “all men are freaks,” and that she should
                               consider giving Melvin another chance.
                               The Mayor forms a mob to take down Toxie, but Sarah intervenes. After shooting at – and missing – the Mayor
                               several times, Sarah finally manages to hit her. But it’s too late: Belgoody has already attacked Toxie with bleach.
                               How will this monster of a tale end?

            Join Pittsburgh CLO for THE TOXIC AVENGER, September 22-December 18 at the CLO Cabaret!