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JAN 26 - APRIL 15

Drew Leigh Williams, Jon Rohlf, Erika Strasburg & David Toole| Photo: Archie Carpenter

ABOUT                                                                                   While performing at the Cattleman restaurant in New York City, Mark Hardwick and Jim Wann developed a routine
                                                                                        that followed the shenanigans of two gas station workers. On February 4, 1982, their “pump boy” personas made
                                                                                        the leap from restaurant stage to the Great White Way, opening as PUMP BOYS & DINETTES at the Princess Theatre
                                                                                        and running for 573 performances. These endearing small-town folk have since played in theaters all over the world,
                                                                                        offering audiences the chance to escape to Highway 57 for a night of good old-fashioned country fun.

CHARACTERS                                                                              JACKSON – A pure country boy with an infatuation for a cashier at Woolworth’s.
                                                                                        L.M. – The most attractive of the pump boys, with eyes only for Dolly Parton.
                                                                                        PRUDIE CUPP – A hardworking and no-nonsense diner owner.
                                                                                        RHETTA CUPP – Prudie’s sister; equally hardworking, but ready for a vacation.
                                                                                        EDDIE – The bass player.
                                                                                        JIM – Easy-going and in love with Rhetta.

CONTENT Recommended for ages 6 years and over.

SYNOPSIS                                                                                Jim welcomes the audience and reminds them that their tickets are not only good for the show, but are automatically
                                                                                        entered into the Pump Boy’s raffle in which one lucky winner will receive an air freshener. Shortly after this exciting
                                                                                        news, Jim introduces everyone to his fellow gas station workers, L.M. and Jackson, as well as the diner owners from
                                                                                        next door, Prudie and Rhetta. Jim, Jackson and L.M. argue over when Uncle Bob’s vehicle is going to be ready for
                                                                                        pick-up and proceed to clarify their philosophy of taking things slow.

                                                                                        Jim explains that one of the best perks of working at this particular gas station is that women always drive up
                                                                                        and talk to them. He admits that L.M. is the one who receives the most attention, though L.M. is more suspicious
                                                                                        of these ladies than flattered. Rhetta and Prudie boast about their diner and the hard work they do to maintain it.
                                                                                        Prudie declares that one of the best men she has ever met is in the room right now, though won’t disclose who it is.

                                                                                        Jim is smitten with Rhetta, but she is not too keen on him since he recently failed to remember a date they had
                                                                                        planned. He and the boys get caught up thinking about fishing, eventually leading Jim to recall his dear grandmama
                                                                                        and her skill for cooking. He concludes his fond memory by adding how now Rhetta makes the best food around.
                                                                                        She is quick to counteract his charm however, and insists that he better “be good or be gone.” Jim joins L.M. and
                                                                                        Jackson to praise the fact that the end of the day is approaching – which means soon they can drink.

                                                                                        Jim gleefully announces the winners of the air freshener raffle, choosing two folks from the audience to claim their
                                                                                        prizes. Jackson expresses that Fridays are his favorite days of the week because every Friday, he treats himself to
                                                                                        breakfast and then to a shopping trip at Woolworth’s where he always encounters a beautiful cashier named Mona.

                                                                                        L.M. describes the pinnacle of his previous summer when he went to a concert and ended up meeting Dolly Parton.
                                                                                        Prudie and Rhetta enter at the sound of the commotion from the tale. The two dinettes sing a duet regarding their
                                                                                        love for tips. Their conversation drifts to their childhood together, and Rhetta becomes ridden with nostalgia. She
                                                                                        suggests they take the rest of the day off and go on vacation. Soon, the entire crew is persuaded and decide to take
                                                                                        off together on Highway 57.

                                                                                        Join Pittsburgh CLO for PUMP BOYS & DINETTES, January 26-April 15 at the CLO Cabaret!