Linking Theatergoers under 35 to $20 Tickets

Your night out at the theater doesn’t have to break the bank. Theatergoers ages 18-35 can join our CABConnect program for free and gain exclusive access to $20 tickets to performances at the CLO Cabaret.

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  • You must be 18–35 to join.

  • Your full name, phone number, email address, birthday and mailing address are required when you sign up.

  • With your CABConnect membership, you will receive exclusive access to $20 tickets for CLO Cabaret shows. You can purchase up to 4 tickets. Your guests can be any age. 

  • Tickets are subject to various processing and handling fees.

  • Once you join CABConnect, your membership will remain active until your 36th birthday.

  • CABConnect is more fun with friends! Encourage your friends to join CABConnect so they can enjoy the same exclusive benefits. 

How to Get Tickets

You will receive your access code upon sign up. 

To Buy Online:

Follow the link in the email to have your code automatically applied.

On the Phone:

Have your access code ready, and give us a call at 412-456-6666. 

At the Box Office:

Visit us at the Box Office at Theatre Square (Don't forget your access code and identification!)