Scholarships and Financial Aid

If applying for Financial Aid, Scholarship, or Mini-Stars, do not register online. Download the appropriate packet below for a complete registration.

The deadline for scholarship and financial aid applications for the 2015-2016 school year is August 8, 2015.

Scholarship Auditions will be held August 8, 2015 from 10am-12pm at the Pittsburgh CLO Academy. 

Appointments required - please call 412-281-2234 to schedule.


2015/2016 Scholarship and Mini Star Application:

2015/2016 Financial Aid Application:

Financial Aid Guidelines

The Pittsburgh CLO Academy’s goal is to provide our students with the tools necessary to succeed here and in future artistic and educational endeavors.

We have very high standards for all of our students. The guidelines below outline our expectations for Financial Aid students.


To qualify for financial aid, students must complete a financial aid form and meet certain financial criteria. Full and partial financial aid awards are available for group classes only and cannot be applied to private lessons. All students must re-apply for financial aid in the fall of each year prior to the start of class. No audition is necessary to receive financial aid. This financial aid is available on a first-come first-serve basis. Applications are offered in the summer and must be recieved by the deadline for consideration. Financial aid funds are limited. Past awards do not guarantee future financial aid.

Multiple Class discounts to not apply to students who receive financial aid or a scholarship.


Regular attendance is mandatory to maintain financial aid. Three excused absences will be permitted per semester. Please have school musicals and other CLO events cleared ahead of time with the Scholarship Coordinator. Exceptions will be made for medical and family emergencies. Excessive absenteeism will result in the loss of the financial aid.


Students are expected to behave in a responsible and respectful manner at all times. Poor conduct will result in the loss of financial aid.

Completed Financial Aid Applications should be recieved by the Pittsburgh CLO Academy no later  than August 8, 2015.

CLO Academy Scholarships

The CLO Academy awards full-tuition scholarships honor of the Academy's founder Charles Gray, and CLO Alumnus Rob Marshall, as well as the William A. Maffie scholarship. These scholarships are awarded based on a combination of need and merit.

Available to students ages 8-18 attending the Children’s School and/or Pre-Professional School.

Multiple Class discounts to not apply to students who receive financial aid or a scholarship.

Work study is required for all scholarship recipients.

Completed Scholarship Applications should be recieved by the Pittsburgh CLO Academy no later  than August 8, 2015.

CLO Guild / Constance T. Rockwell Scholarship

Recognizing the achievements of local high school seniors pursuing a further education in the performing arts.

These scholarships were named for the late Connie Rockwell, who founded the Pittsburgh CLO Guild in 1953 and played a valuable leadership role in the local theater arts community for more than 50 years. They are awarded annually to deserving local high school seniors, in keeping with Mrs. Rockwell’s desire to recognize, encourage and support talented high school students who want to pursue an education and a career in the performing arts.

High school seniors who want to pursue a college education in the theater arts are encouraged to apply. Scholarships are issued in a minimum amount of $4,000 and are awarded based on talent, financial need, scholastic merit and school and community involvement. Prior to submitting a scholarship application, the student must have applied to an accredited college, university or conservatory that offers a four-year program with a requisite audition. After reviewing the applications, the Scholarship Committee interviews and auditions each semi-finalist.

For more information about the CLO Guild/Constance T. Rockwell Scholarship, call Scholarship Chair Patti Matty at 412-835-4579.

Gene Kelly Scholarships

The scholarships below are offered in conjunction with the Gene Kelly Awards for Excellence in High School Musical Theater.

  • Gene Kelly Awards Scholarships
  • CLO Ambassadors’ Scholarships
  • Point Park University Scholarships

Information and Applications for these scholarships will be made available in Fall 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply for both Financial Aid and a Scholarship?

A: Yes. You may apply for both.

Q: Can I receive both a scholarship and Financial Aid award?

A: No. You may receive one or the other, but not both.

Q: Can I receive multiple class discounts if I receive Financial Aid or a Scholarship?

A: No. Discounts do not apply to students receiving Financial Aid or a Scholarship.

Q: Can I receive Financial Aid for Private Piano or Private Voice lessons?

A: No. Financial Aid can only be applied towards regular classes, i.e., Ballet, MT Tech, Acting, etc.

Q: Are there any classes that Financial Aid or scholarships are not applied to?

A: Yes. Financial Aid and scholarships do not apply to private voice or private piano lessons, MT Workshop, All Academy Musical or MT Production.

Q: Can my 5-year-old daughter audition for a Scholarship?

A: No. Scholarships are only for students 10-18 years old, enrolling in either the Student School or the Pre-Professional School.

Q: Does Financial Aid/Scholarship only apply towards one semester?

A: Financial Aid/Scholarships allocations are for a full school year, Fall and Spring.

Q: Is there any Financial Aid or Scholarships for the Summer Programs?

A : No. Financial Aid and Scholarships are only offered during the regular school year.

Q: May I apply for Financial/Scholarship more than one time?

A: Yes. You may apply every Fall.

Q: If I receive Financial Aid for one year do I have to re-apply again for the following year?

A: Yes. You must reapply every year during the fall semester.